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Innovation Golf at the Seattle Golf Show

We have a very successful show at the Seattle Golf Show last weekend. Innovation Golf was the major sponsor and we hosted the putting contest. There were two different putting greens. One 60 ft.and one 30 ft. There were line ups throughout the show (3 days) on both greens.

All participants have to use the Clearball or Clearblade putters. We estimated over two thousand people have used our putter. Most of them were very impressed and that turns into very good sales at our booth.


3 of the 4 winners were teenagers (13-16 yrs.). All of them can sink the 30ft putt over 50% of the time during the elimination rounds. That's not easy considering they have used the putter only briefly and more significant is that the teenagers were all beginner golfers. The alignment feature in our putters can help them align so easily that they have full confidence in sinking those 30' putts. We were convinced that the Clearball putter not only can help all golfers but it can help a beginner putt at a very high level immediately. Please pass this message onto your customers.

We will be at the Vancouver Golf Show in March 2-3. Again, we will host the putting contest. I will let you know how it turns out.

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