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The Ultimate Putting Training Aid - ClearBall

At the heart of this mallet putter training aid is its exceptionally efficient alignment system. The ClearBall putter, with its alignmnet system,  addresses the crucial area of eye alignment and stance – the downfall of most non-professional golfers. It helps you to learn the proper technique of setting up your stance and create the perfet alignment. 

Read our putting tips here to understand the role of the alignment in putting.

Slash your score with ClearBall putter

By using the ClearBall putter in practice:

  • Immediately improve your putting accuracy
  • Perfect your alignment and stance
  • Slash your score and help to sustain a lower handicap
  • Become a consistent and confident putter
  • Eliminate the need for another putting training aid for a long time



See how golfers, using Clearball putter on testing green, have improved their putting.

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