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Our Story

Our goal is to provide golfers of all levels with equipment to improve their game and maximize their capability and agility.

The approach we take is simple, yet innovative: Combine creativity, practicality and hard data to empower you to improve your handicap and enjoy the game as never before.

Putter Innovation

Our flagship product, the ClearBall putter was developed by analysing the putting technique of top PGA and LPGA players and making a comparison to non-professional golfers. We quickly found that the elite players distinguished themselves from the field with consistent and accurate alignment.

This discovery led to the idea of creating a putter that would give immediate feedback to golfers and guide them to correct their stance for the perfect alignment. After hundreds of hours drawing, designing, fabricating, testing and refining the ClearBall putter, we introduced the first retail series in Washington State and British Columbia golf clubs during the summer of 2011.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Innovative product design to provide superior golfing experience
  • Bold, yet smooth, natural forms
  • The highest level of craftsmanship and relentless quality control
  • Continuous research and development to improve manufacturing and create new ideas
  • Environmental friendliness, in terms of manufacturing and the materials we use

Our putter made its major debut at the 2012 PGA Show and has been gaining commercial interest and sales in North America and around the world. The ClearBall putter has also scored superior results in GolfTest USA putting tests and has won the approval of the United States Golf Association (USGA). See USGA Approval letter here >

More importantly, we have received consistantly positive feedback from golfers of all type - female, male, amateur and Tour Pros as well as golf legends such as Doug Sanders and Bruce Fleisher.

See some of the rave reviews here

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