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  • ClearBall Stealth Putter
  • ClearBall Putter
  • ClearBall Putter
  • ClearBall Putter
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Clearball Putter for Kids!

Childern Ages 3-12 try Clearball Putter for the first time.



"This putter has truly changed my game and confidence. My scoring average since the switch is 68.7 and it is all due to putting."
~ Zack Byrd, Tour Pro

"This is a breakthrough in putter technology. This putter has the most forgiveness in the industry. Perfect balance and weighting has allowed me to make more putts than I ever have."
~ Chris Miller, Pro Golfer


The Proof: Independent Testing

"…the ClearBall putter could very well turn out to be the best designed putter we tested to date."


60day-mb2You will see the "CLEARBALL" difference in your putting right from the start. It is so easy that even kids can grasp the perfect alignment and stance features of the ClearBall putter very quickly.
If you are not happy with the ClearBall putter, you can return it
within 60 days for refund. Guaranteed!