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Putting Contest for the Justice Institute Golf Tournament

jibcInnovations Golf was involved in the putting contest for the Justice Institute golf tournament.


"Jason (Innovations Golf),

On behalf of all of the staff at the Justice Institute of BC, we would like to thank you for attending our golf tournament and running our putting contest for us. This was a big hit this year and everyone mentioned how much they enjoyed the format and your instruction of course! We actually had two people tied for the win, one who had never golfed a day in his life! The winner was completely grateful for his new putter, one of the best prizes of the night!

At any time, should you find yourself in New Westminster and wish to stop in at the JIBC, please let us know and if it can be arranged, we can take a brief tour and share a coffee. Thank you again for your commitment and being a part of improving our community and aiding those who make it safe.

I'm sure we will be in touch again next year! Brian Carrigan has some great connections! Thanks again!


JIBC Golf Committee
Melanie Chernoff
Kathy Harms
Ariana Tutush
Krista Lambert
Dale Bradley"

September 28, 2015

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