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Golf Putting Tips - Make More Putts

5 +1 putting tips to help you shoot lower scores

Golf legend Gary Player once noted that the game is won on the green. Yet this is where most players lose out. Here are the InnovationsGolf 5+1 step-by-step putting tips to help you perfect your putting skills:

1. Take in the whole picture. Once on the green, take a moment to analyse the breadth, slope as well as the contour and grain. Ensure that you analyze the putting line, the speed and break from all sides.

2. Set up your stance and eye alignment. As you set up your stance, align your eyes right above the ball. The appropriate eye alignment determines the effectiveness of your total set-up. It may be tricky to achieve, and without a confident sense of space, golfers, especially under the pressure of the game, can easily lose this sensitive alignment point.
The advantage of ClearBall Putter becomes obvious at this stage. Simply look at the alignment system insert in the head of the putter for instant feedback about your eye alignment. The alignment system of ClearBall putter guides you into the perfect putting alignment.

3. Visualize the path of the golf ball to the hole. In your mind's eye, get a picture of where the path would brake on a sloped path. If it is a long putt, visualize a virtual target 3 to 9 feet away on the path of the ball and use that point as your target.

4. Adjust your stance and eye alignment. Ensure that your feet and shoulders are parallel with the path. Also, it is absolutly critical that your eyes get aligned right on top of the ball as you adjust and finalize your stance. Analysis of hundreds of golf players' putting stroke shows that what distinguishes the top PGA and LPGA players' putting stroke is the consistent and accurate eye alignment. If you are playing with Clearball putter, as you finalize your stance, just ensure that the white focus lines of the alignment system insert hides out the red line - and you achieve the perfect alignment.

5. Take a confident and smooth stroke (shoulder or wrist stroke work equally well) and roll the ball on the visualized path to the hole. Before making the stroke, ensure that your eyes are focused on the ball. Keep your eye alignment and keep your head still as you take your putter off  the ball and while you strike: your head should not move until the putt is complete.

+1. Remember that practice is key to success. Even if you use Clearball Putter, we recommend scheduling solo green practice time. If you're reluctant to practise solo, arrange a few putting games with your friends before the main golf season.

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