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Become the #1 Precision Putter on the Green!

The ClearBall Putter addresses the single most important factor in putting performance - alignment – and has helped golfers of all levels improve their putting accuracy between 20 and 50%.

Slash your golf score with ClearBall Putter

Use it during practice or a regular round on the course and regardless of your golfing skill, this finely crafted putter will help you to improve your putting.


Our patent-pending alignment system provides instant feedback, giving you precise directions for your set-up fundamentals.

  • Superior quality Titanium Carbon Nitride plated mild steel material
  • Patented alignment disc embedded into the putter head
  • Smooth stainless steel shaft
  • Comes in three different lengths: 33", 34" and 35"; left or right handed
  • Conforms with USGA rules

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How is the ClearBall Putter different?

The red and white focus lines steer you into the perfect position over the ball by guiding you to adjust your alignment until the white focus line moves over top and hides the red line. The lines create the same visual feedback to teach you how to correctly set up and position your hands in the same place every time. Your putting score will never be the same.

MisalignedMisalignedProper alignment

Perfect alignment

  • Eliminate the most common mistake of standing too far away from the ball (heels dug in)
  • Achieve consistent putting stance every time
  • Provide you with instant feedback as to how to stand
  • 3 easy-to-use lines to further help you to make your alignment

Smoother stroke

  • Minimize pulling and pushing of the stroke
  • Focus your eyes over the ball during the entire stroke, keeping your head still and reducing your movements, thereby improving your balance.

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