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GolfTest USA Special Test Results

Is the ClearBall Putter the next TwoBall Putter?

Read about the results of a special putter test GolfTest USA conducted on the ClearBall Putter at our test facility at Canoa Ranch Golf Resort in Green Valley, Arizona.


GolfTest USA has tested 100's of putters over the years but we have to say that the ClearBall putter from Innovations Golf could very well turn out to be the best designed putter we tested to date.

The results of the test were very impressive and showed that the ClearBall Putter is “clearly” a putter that should be considered by any golfer who is looking to improve their putting.

In summary, the objective results and subjective evaluations completed by the testers showed clearly that the ClearBall Putter performed at a much higher level than the testers' own putters in this test. The testers rated the alignment feature of the ClearBall Putter at a very high level.  A rating of 9.1 was achieved in the very important Alignment criterion. The ClearBall Putter is designed to help golfers ensure that they are in the proper address position and aligned to the correct line and the hole prior to making a putt. Another key rating was the Appearance criterion which scored very high. It is also noteworthy that the Overall Rating criterion was so positive especially in relation to the rating the testers gave to their own current putter.

The results of the test confirmed conclusively that the design features of the ClearBall putter offers superior performance that will help almost all golfers putt better and reduce the number of putts they make per round. Skilled golfers got excellent results using the ClearBall Putter. But where the ClearBall Putter really stood out was with average to poor golfers who have trouble with their putting. The test results showed that these golfers were able to make more putts from inside ten feet using the ClearBall versus the golfer's own putter in the test. Also, the results show that putts made from longer range ended up closer to the hole resulting in fewer three putt greens. Based on the results of the test we are confident that most golfers will be able to improve their putting and lower their scores.

We are pleased to award the ClearBall Putter our coveted GolfTest USA "Seal of Excellence".

Details of the test and the test results can be read here.

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