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Innovations Golf at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando 2015

Innovations Golf just completed a very successful show at the 2015 PGA Orlando Show.

We launched the new "STEALTH" putter and received rave reviews from golf professionals and many of them were amazed at the hand made quality and the accuracy of the ClearBall alignment system. Several of them said it was the best putter at this show.

We had Jason "Nitro" from our Canadian Master Putting Instructor at the booth which added credibility to our brand. He spent most of the time explaining the merits of the ClearBall system and gave putting tips to several tour pros who will be using our putter this season.

We have been approached by distributors from North America, Europe and other countries in the World. We anticipate a breakthrough year for the ClearBall putter.

Like some of The pros said, "IT'S THE BEST FEELING PUTTER WE HAVE USED" will see this putter on tour soon.

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