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ClearBall Putter Reviewed by BunkersParadise

Innovations Golf Clearball Putter Review: Align Your Putting Game

First I wanted to thank the crew over at Innovations Golf for allowing us to test out and review the Clearball Putter. Innovations and new thought processes keep the game of golf moving forward in my opinion and it's always nice to see new products and ideas hit the market. Let's get started by taking a look at the technology behind the Clearball Putter.

The claim by Innovations Golf is that with their alignment technology it will help all golfers improve their putting accuracy between 20-50%. If that's the case, then sign me up!

The Innovations Golf Clearball Putter is made with a Titanium Carbon Nitride plated mild steel, patented alignment disc embedded into the putter head, smooth stainless steel shaft and comes in three different lengths: 33″, 34″ and 35″. It also has a giant 2″ sweet spot to help with ball control off the face of the putter. And for you backwards people out there it comes in a left handed version as well. In case you were wondering the Clearball Putter conforms with USGA Rules.

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The Clearball putter is a mallet style putter that is a black with white alignment lines on the top. It also has a "clear ball" if you will on the back half portion of the putter for assistance with alignment. The other thing you will notice right away is on the clear glass portion there is a white line on the top and a red line on the bottom, which is also meant to help with alignment which I will explain in the performance area of the review. The face of the putter has a unique texture to it that keeps the ball from bouncing for a nice true roll of the golf ball. On the bottom of the Clearball putter there are two weighted balances on each side, which are there from speed and balance control for your putts. Some might think the Clearball putter is the best looking putter on the market because of the clear glass on the back end of the putter. I didn't have much of a problem with that issue at all.


I was very impressed with the Clearball putter and it's feel. Solid, good weight and a really nice roll. Weighting on a mallet putter can be tricky. You make it too heavy and you are blasting balls all over the greens. I think Innovations Golf did a nice job in the area of weighting.

I have to mention the grips on the putter. Love love love the grips on the Innovation Golf putters. They are big with a flat front portion to get your hands set up properly. They force you to keep your wrists in a solid position so there is no wrist twisting going on during your stroke.


The most important part of any review is right here. I used the Innovations Golf Clearball putter a few times to get a good feel for it. A couple practice sessions and then on the course. During my practice sessions I really wanted to put it through some tough tests. I hit balls off the heel, off the toe and then center hits to check out if the 2″ sweet spot would make a difference. What I was impressed with the most is how well this putter performed on each of those. On each the heel and toe hits I was not losing much distance and control at all, which is rare for a putter.

Next I wanted to talk about the Clearball alignment technology. There is a red and white focus line on the clear portion of the putter, which help you align your putt but it also helps you make sure your putter is flat and balanced. There are also the three lines prior to the clear area, which were outstanding as far as helping you align. I have to say that the red and white line areas really won't make that much of a difference if you already have a solid putting stance. That portion of the putter is really for beginners who are way off in their putting stance.


Overall I have to say that I was impressed by the Clearball putter. I thought it had a great feel and roll. I also believe that many beginner golfers will benefit from the red and white alignment tools on the putter as well. I liked this putter so much that I actually recommended to my father.


Posted by: Ken Lee on April 28, 2014

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