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Innovations Golf at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando

Launch of ClearBall Pro Putter Series

We have been very excited for the show as this was the official event where our new putter line, the ClearBall Pro was introduced. The ClearBall Pro is a CNC precision milled mid-grip putter incorporating the Innovations Golf alignment system and enhanced by our newest design features.

The new putter line was received very well by both our commercial partners and the attending audience. We are delighted to confirm that starting from March 3, 2014, the ClearBall Pro product line will be available in our online store. Stay tuned for more details, photos and specification of the ClearBall Pro.

For our enthusiastic visitors at the Orlando PGA Show, we very much appreciate your interest in our putters and are looking forward to working with you and your customers!

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clearball putter