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Innovations Golf at the World Amateurs

Another great show at the 2013 World Amateur Championship at Myrtle Beach. Lots of amazing stories from our guest who used the putters during the tournament! Check out the stories below told by Mike Daniels :

#Image 6: Another of the (56) World Am participant who made all (3) 10' putts.

#Image 5:  This is Juan Matheus, he is from South America and lives in Houston Tx. Juan came in the 1st night (Mon) after he shot 101 with (4) 3 putts and was 29th in his flight. Juan tried the putter made all (3) putts and we talked about the benefits of the Clearball, he left the booth for a while and came back and bought one of the Clearballs.

Juan used the putter in his 2nd round on tuesday and shot 92, and moved up to 13th in his flight. He had no 3 putts in his round, on wednesday he shot 91 and moved up to 5th place again no 3 putts, on thursday he shot 90 and finished 2nd in his flight and again had no 3 putts.

This was on a different golf course each day, after buying the Clearball putter he went 54 holes without a 3 putt green and moved up from 29th place to 2nd in his flight, on thursday evening he came back in and bought a 2nd putter so he can have one in both Houston and South America when he travels back to visit family .


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