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ClearBlade Putter 100% CNC Milled (33", 34", 35")

$199.00 each
Shaft Length

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The ClearBlade Putter is part of the ClearBall putter series that is specially designed to make alignment easier and gives you instant feedback on your set-up fundamentals. This USGA conforming putter can be used during practice or a regular round of golf and will help golfers of all skill levels.

The ClearBlade Putter is a CNC milled putter made of superior quality PVD plated mild steel material. It features our patented alignment disc embedded into the putter blade. The putter has a smooth steel shaft and comes with our very popular mid-size grip.


Specifications of the Clearblade putter:

Material: 403 S.S. PDV

Head weight




390 g3.072

Size Chart

The ClearBlade putter comes in three different lengths: 33", 34" and 35". Putter shaft lengths have less to do with your height and more to do with your putting style. Generally, the more upright you stand, the longer your shaft needs to be.

Putter length

Your Height

33” shaft

5 feet 8” or shorter

33” to 34" shaft

5 feet 9” to 6 feet

34” to 35” shaft

Over 6 feet

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Product Reviews

Breakthrough in putter technology!
"This is a breakthrough in putter technology. This putter has the most forgiveness in the industry. Perfect balance and weighting has allowed me to make more putts than I ever have."
~ Chris Miller, Pro Golfer - September 6, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

Thank you!
"1st time out 26 putts - it's the real deal."
~ Shane Dent - August 31, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

This putter has truly changed my game and confidence!
"This putter has truly changed my game and confidence. Before I found the Clearball I would switch from putter to putter just trying to find something to give me confidence. Since the switch 10 weeks ago I've played 7 State Opens and 1 Local Mini Tour event. I've had 5 top 10s and 2 top 5s. I also won the local event. My scoring average since the switch is 68.7 and it is all due to putting, wish I had found this putter sooner and so does my bank account. Thanks so much for this great putter and your support I am looking forward to getting the Clearball out in the tour next year."
~ Zack Byrd, Tour Pro - August 23, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

I played today and shot 69!
"I played today and shot 69. I made some unbelievable putts and I love the way this putter gives me so much confidence in short putts. I am still in the process of getting used to this putter. But so far so good."
~ Chris Lee ,Tour Pro - August 21, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

This is one of the best putters that I have seen in my 70 years in golf
"If I was playing with the ClearBall putter I would have made that putt on the last hole of the British Open in 1970 to win."
~ Doug Sanders, Former PGA Golfer - August 11, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

My putting has improved tremendously!
"I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I've been struggling with my putting game recently and I've been working extra time with your putter and have been having a lot if success. Today I sank 3 putts from over 30 feet away 2 for birdies. Your putter has become the best part of my game."
~ Stephen Hickey - July 29, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

The best putting round in my life! I love my Clearball Putter!
"I love my Clearball Putter! The 2nd round with my Clearball Putter I was at Riverway – 27 putts and I hit 5 that were over 25 feet! The best putting round of my life! Since then, I've won 3 putting contests; the most recent was yesterday at the Me & Eds Charity Tourney. I won an Apple TV and, if I keep going at this pace, I'm sure to lose my amateur status (hahaha)."
~ Doug Schweers, - March 17, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent

Best putting training aid seen in 25 years of teaching golf and putting
"By far one of the best putting training aids I have seen in my 25 years of teaching. You feel comfortably balanced over the putt instantly with the proper stance and alignment that is so curial to making the perfect putt. The ClearBall alignment system works so well in teaching proper stance. I don't have to show the student how...the ClearBall does it for me. I really liked the heavier balanced feel of the putter head and the forward groves on the face which gives the ball that top roll without skidding, giving you that face feel in your hands with easy acceleration. Being able to use the ClearBall putter on the course makes it even more valuable. Teaching the putting stance and stroke just got easier with the ClearBall Putter. I will be recommending it to all my golfing friends."
~ Jason “Nitro” Rite, CGTF Certified Instructor, - January 15, 2013
Rating of Clearball Putter
: 5 Star Rating: Excellent


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